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Unfortunately drinking water and taking oral vitamins isn’t as effective as receiving it via
IV. IV infusions have an immediate affect and bypass your intestines allowing the
vitamins, minerals and fluid to go directly into your blood stream, providing 100%
absorption. This in itself systemically targets all the tissues in your body. Whereas
drinking water and taking vitamins by mouth have approximately 55% or less
absorption- not allowing for you get the full effect.

It’s just an initial pinch placing the needle in- then it’s smooth sailing after that. Our healthcare professionals are specifically trained in IV insertion and have experience working in an acute setting placing IVs regularly. Many patients commonly say that they can taste vitamins and feel a cold sensation in their arm which is completely normal.

Unfortunately, we don’t take insurance. However, our treatments are generally far less expensive than most co-pays of an emergency room visit and an urgent care facility plus a lot less waiting time.

The length of the treatment varies depending on the specific treatment and quality of veins. Smaller veins may take longer. Usually, 30-45 mins to complete.

The human body is comprised of 60% water. When people are sick with food poisoning, hangover, stomach bug or other illness your body can lose a lot of water. When we lose fluids via vomiting, diarrhea, excess sweating, it’s important to replace those fluids to maintain the necessary bodily functions. Taking oral meds with an upset stomach can ultimately result in increasing your nausea and throwing all the meds up. Receiving the IV vitamins, minerals and essential fluids bypasses your gut and gives you the rapid relief you need.

The healthcare professional will arrive within 3 hours off the call. Otherwise, at the requested time the appointment was made.

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